Alberta Motor Association Insurance has maintained an exceptional business relationship with Kernaghan Adjusters for many years. Our firm relies on adjusters to provide a level of professional service that matches our own and that exceeds the expectations of our members.

Kernaghan has proven their ability to provide customer service excellence over the past three decades. Throughout our relationship with Kernaghan they have been effective communicators, friendly, fair and have always provided prompt delivery of adjusting services.

We feel our business relationship with Kernaghan Adjusters has been mutually beneficial, and we are confident in recommending their services.

Ted Koleff
Vice President, Claims

Federal Express Canada has had an excellent working relationship with Kernaghan Adjusters for over seventeen years and continues to do so today. 

As our control adjusters for Liability claims from coast to coast, KA manages our Trust Account in Canada, which includes settlement and cheque writing authority. 

We have had an excellent relationship with Kernaghan Adjusters due to their professional claims service and prompt file handling.

We have no hesitation in recommending their services to any insurer or self-insured.

Federal Express Canada Ltd.

I write to you in support of Patti Kernaghan and her company Kernaghan Adjusters, who are the approved claims adjuster under our Lloyds binding authority agreement.

Since Kernaghan has been our approved contract adjuster, and indeed the preferred adjuster for all our claims, we have been delighted with their constant commitment to excellence, prompt service, knowledge, and professionalism.

We would strongly recommend Kernaghan to any company looking for strong claim adjusting expertise, client service and a clear understanding of relationship building and business ethics.

Clive Bird
Axis Insurance Managers

I would like to confirm that I have been associated with S.J. Kernaghan Adjusters Ltd. for a period of some eight years. During this time Kernaghan Adjusters has been charged with the investigation and adjustment of literally hundreds of claims on behalf of the major Insurance Companies that participate on the various Insurance programs that the firms I represent have administered.

In all this time I have been favourably impressed both by Kernaghan Adjusters as a firm and by all the individual adjusters in their employ. They are professional in their approach as well as prompt and efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as control adjusters on any Insurance Program.

Bradley Potter ACII, CIP
Managing Vice President
BFL Canada

For the past two years Metrix Professional Insurance Brokers has had in place an arrangement with Kernaghan Adjusters to be “on call” for claims, both personal and commercial, reported by our clients after office hours.

We continue this relationship with great confidence as the result of the excellent service and expertise provided to our insureds by Kernaghan Adjusters.

We are pleased to recommend S.J. Kernaghan Adjusters Ltd.

Marti Messam  CIP
Senior Vice President
Metrix Professional Insurance Brokers Inc.

Insurance is simply a promise until an event occurs...then likely as not you will need the help of an insurance professional adjusting firm. We have been partnering with Kernaghan Adjusters for over 20 years.

Rick Parent
Coast Capital Insurance Services Ltd.

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"Insurance is simply a promise until an event occurs...then likely as not you will need the help of an insurance professional adjusting firm. We have been partnering with Kernaghan Adjusters for over 20 years." More.

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Stanley J. Kernaghan's original Daily Mandatory Procedures developed in the 1960s, forming the basis of today's Code of Conduct and Service Standards. Kernaghan Adjusters has written an extensive Privacy Policy to compliment our procedures.